Before you contact any contractors, you must contact Sharon Sangalli on 0433 289 253 or you may be charged for the call out fee as well as the repairs.

During office hours, please notify us of the problem and what contractor you have contacted so that we may inform the owner and issue the necessary work order.

 The following are classified as 'after hours' emergency:

No hot water due to hot water system not functioning (pilot light not included)

No Hot Water? - Please ensure that you look at the make of the hot water system and also ascertain if it is gas or electric. If it is gas, please ensure that the pilot light is lit and gas is connected before contacting a contractor. If electric make sure your power is on.

Blocked toilets or burst pipes and drains

Please ensure that you turn off the water at the water meter which will shut off the water and stop the leak. For urgent faults such as no water or something causing harm or damage, call Water Corporation on 13 13 75 for an immediate response. For more information, visit their website.

No electricity or electrical hazard (make sure you check the RCDs and fuses first)

Please check your meter box for RCD switches and fuses to make sure they are on or call Western Power Emergencies and Power Interruptions on 13 13 51 to make sure that there isn't a power failure in your area, before calling an electrician. If it is found that the lack of power is due to a faulty appliance or a scheduled power outage, the cost of the electrician will be charged to the tenant.

 No Gas:

Please check to see that the gas is turned on in the gas meter box. For urgent assistance call Alinta Gas Emergency & Faults 13 13 52 or Kleenheat Gas Faults and Emergencies 1800 093 336.

Property unsecured i.e. broken glass, locks

Prompt Glass (glazier)                                 0411 872 938  or 9330 5555

Capital Lock & Security                             1300721221  

Lock It Locksmiths                                     0497 091 535

(Note: calling a locksmith for locking yourself out of the property or losing the keys is at your own cost.)

Emergency numbers :

Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade: 000 (emergency only)    

For assistance during floods and storms: 132 500

For updates and more information on fire and emergency services, click here.