Who is Minding your Asset?

Finding the right person to manage your properties isn't always as simple as it seems, after all do you really want to turn over the keys to your biggest asset to someone who is inexperienced and doesn't know the consequences if they get it wrong?

Here’s how to get it right. 

The person and company who manages your properties is responsible for making sure that rent is paid on time,  the property is maintained and that your tenants are doing all the right things by you.

As a property investor, you need someone who can manage your properties for you and who can ensure that any grievances are dealt with promptly, correctly and in accordance with the law. You need to ensure that your property manager has your best interests at heart, and that you are able to communicate with them regularly and openly.

Are they a likeable person? Are they reliable? You need them to be reliable for the sake of both you and your tenants’ sanity! Your tenant is the most important part of the rental process, so it’s vital that the person you choose to manage your property is going to enjoy the relationship that they have with their property manager.

Also, find out whether it’s a principal director or manager that is going to be managing your property, or if someone more junior will be used. You need someone with life experience and common sense, who can manage conflict and deal with issues to help you.

Make sure that at the end of it that the rental manager is on your side – after all they are working for you. It is their duty to foster a good working relationship with you and your tenants and to keep everyone happy.

My personal guarantee to you is to fulfill all of these services and more...

- Sharon Sangalli